My ordinary work is to create political cartoons

I forgot to add examples of my various kinds of work here, but here are a few and more to come.

This bloke wasn’t easy to get right – maybe because he’s a living caricature of a human being?
From when I even worked I Finnish for the newspaper Demari
I also paint and mostly abstract.
An example of poster art – for one of my own exhibitions
I painted this portrait of a good friend and fadista, Carla Linhares
From time to time I’ve been asked to do logos as well
This is an illustration to a long text by another friend, the musician and poet Carlos Clara Gomes
This is another example of that
I made a series of quick portraits I called “Draw Like A Drunk” and this is an example – of another good friend and musician – Beatriz Rodrigues
The ongoing pandemic
I often use a combination of vector and raster art in my digital illustrations
A book cover illustration
Another illustration and another style
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