Media rush

As usual, I’ve been lazy when it comes to blogging. It’s mostly because I feel that there’s not that much to tell, but this time it is. It’s been a media rush lately.

First of all, I was invited to have published The Monthly Domestic Comic in Finland’s number two newspaper – Ilta-Sanomat; something which is positive in many ways, not the least because my work will be known to the Finnish audience and not only the Finnish-Swedish.

As Juhani Tolonen, their editor of the comix-pages, wrote in the interview he made with me: “WILFRED Hildonen (b. 1953) is one of the best illustrators in the Finnish press, but because of his publishing platform Hufvudstadsbladet, he is a great unknown to most of us.” (My translation from Finnish)

That’s the disadvantage working in a bilingual country, in which the language you’re published in, is the minority language. Anyway, never too late, as they say. Most people begin to prepare for retirement at my age, but I have no intentions to do so, so this is a welcome development. I’ve always dreamt of becoming a comics artist and have made some, mostly unfinished ones, but aside from a few, I’ve never published much. Being an editorial cartoonist is related, though.

Now, as that wasn’t enough, I was contacted by the production company behind a popular and award-winning talk show on Finnish national television, “Efter nio” or After Nine. A viewer had suggested me as a guest, and off we went to Helsinki this Monday, loaded with masks and anti-bac. We took the ferry from Åland to Turku on the mainland and from there it was a two hour drive to the capital. I went for lunch with two of my colleagues at Hufvudstadsbladet before I returned to the hotel where Ceiça was fast asleep. I didn’t get much sleep, though, before it was time to walk to the studios a few hundred metres away.

The recording went well, although I looked like a wreck because of lack of sleep, so I wonder how the result will be. For those who wonder about that, the results can be seen later today, at the address below. It’s not geo blocked so it should be accessible everywhere. And it will of course be accessible even after it airs at 9 p.m Eastern European Time.

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